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About Us


Our Mission

Based in Jerusalem, Israel – Holy Land Scriptures will strive to give students all the tools needed to begin their own journey into the Hebrew Bible, revealing the lesser known secrets by revealing the original language and context. Our teachers, based here in the Holy Land will provide eye opening insights to help you build a strong connection to the Holy Scriptures.

We have partnered up with Christ Vue and Compedia to create a platform for Christians all over the world. Members can access exclusive Biblical educational courses and thousands of hours of faith friendly TV shows and Movies. There is something for all the family with our Bible Kids section!

Our Purpose

Whatever your personal religious views, there is no doubting the importance of the Holy Bible, the worlds earliest form of literature. The Bible has unquestionable shaped civilisations around the world, and influenced countries to their very core.


The Bible has affected our evolution as people, installing values and lessons from those that walked the earth many years before us. It is with this view in mind, we strive to help our students gain the greatest possible understanding of the scriptures, by focusing on the language in which they were written.


No more should people depend of the interpretations of others when it comes to the Holy text, and instead be able to understand names, words and metaphors as they were written, to enhance their commitment in the search for the ultimate truth.

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Our platform

Our platform was designed to give Christians an all inclusive hub where all the content is faith approved, and the educational courses are new and exciting. We film our courses in Israel, so everything comes straight from the Holy Land!

In time we hope to grow our social structure so Christians from all over the world have a place to congregate and discuss the Bible. Students can upload their work and share their answers, and discuss with one another their own point of views. 

HolyHub was produced in partnership with Compedia and Crossflix. 

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